Senator Darren Bailey Responds to Polling Showing him Dominating GOP Field in Illinois Primary for Governor

Louisville— State Senator and Republican frontrunner, Darren Bailey, responds to an independent poll conducted by Illinois polling firm Ogden and Fry that shows him dominating the GOP field by more than 27 percentage points. He released the following statement:

“This polling demonstrates what we already knew, that working people across the state are tired of the political elites and their checkbooks buying elections and selling them out. Illinoisans are ready for change and that is what our grassroots movement represents. People are tired of big government trying to control their lives and raise their taxes while getting nothing in return. The corruption and lack of priorities in Springfield has gone on for too long. It’s time for some conservative common sense to restore Illinois as the economic engine of the Midwest and get Illinois working again,” Bailey stated.

Bailey continued, “We cannot afford another four years of Pritzker’s weak leadership and failed, liberal agenda. My campaign is a grassroots movement fueled by thousands of working Illinoisans across the state who, like me, are passionate about the future of Illinois. This election will not be bought, it will be won with hard work. As a farmer, I’m used to rolling up my sleeves and working until the job is done and my campaign team and dedicated volunteers share our passion to fix our home and restore Illinois for our children and grandchildren.”

“It’s time we used some conservative common sense to reduce taxes, restore respect to law enforcement, protect neighborhoods, and pass substantial ethics reform in Springfield to hold politicians accountable. It’s time we had a Governor who defended individual freedoms and focused on getting our state growing again by promoting small businesses and opportunities that will bring good-paying jobs that benefit working families. The big money candidates have had their turn and failed, it’s time for the working people of this state to have their say.” Bailey concluded.