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Standing for You in 2022

There’s nothing that’s wrong with Illinois that can’t be fixed by some conservative common sense. I’ll fight for the working people, not the political elites.

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A farmer, family man, and fellow citizen from rural Illinois, Darren Bailey’s conservative roots run deep.

Darren’s Plan for Illinois

  • Lowering Income and Property Taxes
  • Reopening Illinois’ Economy and Creating Jobs
  • Protecting the Second Amendment
  • Fighting for the Unborn
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Another packed and fired up crowd in Madison County tonight at the Blue Springs Cafe in Highland. The working families of this state have been ignored by the political elites for far too long. That ends now. Our grassroots movement will fire JB Pritzker and together we will restore Illinois and get our economy growing again! #standingwithyouin2022 #baileyforillinois See MoreSee Less

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Glad I drove by Blue Springs this evening and had a chance to encourage Darren Bailey in his drive to take back Illinois.

It was awesome meeting you!!! You have my vote

What’s your plan for defeating cook county?

Lets get it Done Illinois

Amen! 🇺🇲 Darren Bailey for governor 2022 🇺🇲

DARREN BAILEY FOR ILLINOIS GOVERNOR ! YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Great rally! So glad to have been in that crowd!

Kankakee area gathering is needed to put cry baby Adam k on notice

I can’t get enough of looking at all this amazing support!!!

Illinois Needs Saving I believe Darren the right guy to fix it

Please head up North and spread the love!

Darrens the right guy. Just need to convince Chicagoans.

You better make sure we have voter integrity otherwise he will steal it

Yes Yes good JOB way to go..

One of these days I hope to meet you! I was busy registering my son for high school tonight and telling them that he doesn't have a 💉 card for them to make a copy of.

Got my vote

Let’s gooooooooo 💪

A great restaurant as well

Pie is good there 2

Awesome 👏

Awesome turn out.

Thanks for coming sir!!!


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Another fired up crowd in Springfield today. It’s time to fire JB Pritzker to keep businesses open and prioritize working families and taxpayers. As your next Governor, I will restore integrity and common sense to get Illinois growing again. #standingwithyouin2022 #baileyforillinois See MoreSee Less

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I would love to see you campaigning in aurora where I live. You have my vote

Yes don’t let Pritzkers close illinois again. We need our freedom

Praying for your campaign! 😊

So good to see young people there showing an interest. Stay safe

Darren Bailey for Governor please stand up for all healthcare workers-CMS is trying to mandate the vaccine for all.


God fearing Christian man…..not only does Illinois need more of this, the whole world needs more of this! Gods blessings to you and your wife Darren Bailey ✝️

Need to get Chicago to vote Rep.

We couldn’t be there tonight but We definitely will be voting for u!!

May God Bless you as you keep on fighting the good fight!

You have my vote

Something needs to be done very soon before Cole mine companies are shut down

You have the all our votes! If you don’t win they 100% rigged the system! That’ll be solid proof right there 🤷🏻‍♀️


Next governor!


Will Honorable Darren Bailey be willing to give up the authority to shutdown the state of Illinois and/or produce legislation that prevents the use of over authority of citizens when he gets elected Governor of Illinois.

Welcome to Springfield Darren Bailey! Hope you get to stay here when you win as our next Governor! Looking forward to that.

I would love to see you campaigning in Sterling and Rock Falls Mr Bailey. You definitely have my vote.

You definitely have my vote.

Shoot. I seen JB’s name and thought “he’s finally done it! He’s ate the entire lunch buffet at Pizza Ranch!

Come to the QC again!

Great to see you in Bloomington last night.


Back to chicago…..

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Standing outside where the Illinois Governor should live and where I will live and work to represent working families and taxpayers with your support. It’s time to fire JB Pritzker and restore Illinois. #standingwithyouin2022 #baileyforillinois See MoreSee Less

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Grateful to the Rauners for fixing the delapidated state Blogo left it in. The Dems have no respect for anything but their benefits and power.

That says a lot. Thank you. Can't wait for you to take oath of governor office😁

I am voting for Darren Bailey a straight Republican I’m sick of the Democrats

And the Democrats keep racking up the unemployment deficit 😡😡😡 Destroying businesses !!!!

You need to come campaign in Northern Illinois! You will need the vote of those in Chicagoland!

You have my vote! Glad to have seen you this morning at Rushville!

I just picked up some Bailey for Governor signs. God bless all of you.

We can only hope!! The bad part is the $hit hole Cook county will probably keep Pritzker in office due to corruption and political ties!

No republican will get my vote! Democracy will prevail over all you vandals and murderers!

I guess pritxker doesn’t realize the capital is in Springfield

Get rid of dominion , or ballots, audit Illinois and you win!!!!!!

We need you and Peggy Hubbard for Senator.

Is he there or in Florida enjoying his freedom?


We need help now!!! Thank you State Senator Darren Bailey 💔🇺🇸😩

He only worries about Chicago, that's it.

Reverse Jay Bob's legislation that allows people to NOT seek employment while receiving unemployment! That stupid move of his doesn't help the state at all. It's a horrible, horrible policy!

Our family supports you Darren Bailey!!! You will be our next Governor. God Bless You and your family ❤️

Audit Illinios and get rid of dominion voting machines go back to paper ballots in chicago,show ID and you will win!

Thank you for always fighting for us!

U got my vote DarrenBailey. Have always liked u since. Get rid of Pritsker.

He fired …your hired ❤️

You're got my vote. Porky needs to go.

If southern Illinois comes out strong as hell, we can beat the Chicago machine

Yep that's the governor mansion, hasnt been lived in for while, be glad see you and your family there! Be wonderful to see our constitution back in springfield and out evil chicago! Many blessing Gov.Bailey

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Another energized crowd this morning in Schuyler County in Rushville. People are hungry for change and ready to fire JB Pritzker and restore Illinois. It’s time to get Illinois growing again! #standingwithyouin2022 #baileyforillinois See MoreSee Less

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I’m going to vote for Darren Bailey and straight Republican I’m sick of the Democrats running our state and running it into the ground and bankrupting it on top of raising taxes and nothing to show for it

Sorry we missed you in Rushville my hometown. I have been following you for over a year and you are complete breath of fresh air for Illinois. We will be praying for your journey. We will be needing signs and flags to get up. Thanks and keep up the fight.

These are the grassroots people who back you and your plan!!! What a wonderful constituent to have!! We shun and abhor the back room greedy deals made by some politicians who have nothing but power and wealth in their sights. We thank you for restoring integrity into elected official races!! For the first time in my adult life I am voting in the Governor race for someone I truly admire and have faith in to do the next right thing on a daily basis

I wish I could’ve been there! Either way you got my vote!!!

Come to the Pekin Marigold Festival

Great turnout, so glad to see so much support

Thats how we do it! 🙏🇺🇸

It doesnt seem to matter what we all want

Yes we are.

Since masks are once again being recommended for inside school buildings vaccinated or not are we to now believe it really isn't safe for students to return to in person learning????? Is remote now going to be offered again? 🤣🤣🤣. Wasn't it just last week that they said masks were not required if you were vaccinated…… Follow the Science!!! Are you crazy. The science doesn't even know what's going on.

Where can I get a yard sign?

Looks about white. Darren, did you support the insurrection? Do you realize that most of your supporters did? What does that say about you?


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21 hours ago
Darren Bailey for Governor

Grassroots movement at its finest……..
Visiting outside the bus while waiting on bridge construction in Havana!
Thank you!!
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Grassroots movement at its finest……..
Visiting outside the bus while waiting on bridge construction in Havana!
Thank you!!

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Good to see you at the Madison county fair……. We need some yard signs!

Bailey you have downstate easily. You need to change the minds of Chicago.

He has our vote!

We need a Change because this one isn’t working out to well for for the people of ILLinois.

You most certainly have my vote!

I won't be able to make your visit Thursday in Ottawa…but know you have my vote and and many more of my friends will as well…. just curious what are we doing to insure our votes are safe ..

Get prepared to start wearing mask again. It was on the news. We all knew by August the numbers were going to go up again

You’re a tireless worker! Geographically you have the state! Need 25-30 per cent of Chicago to make it!! & stop the cheating, dead voting, and harvesting!!

Like I say facts are facts

Uh, can someone tell Darren to let his buddy know that they spelled PRICKSTER wrong on his shirt? Thanks in advance!

We love that area!!!! There is a nice Trump store at the bottom of that bridge.

What about a felony expungement? Is there anyway you can help with something like that?

Dianne Dufelmeier-Hills 😎


Go go gov

Outside Havana Illinois looks like

When are you coming to Whiteside County?

Love his shirt totally agree

Best picture I’ve seen yet let’s take Illinois back

I'm watching the police officers testify about the insurrection.

Near ADM

Is castro living there?

Hope to meet you along the way. God's strength and protection and praying for the citizens to know and realize what corruption and agenda following JB is. We need you Darren. We need to take the hyphen out of ILL-inois ( right now it is making me sick ILL) AND bring back our amazing ILLINOIS. !!!!!! with you Darren. Thank you

How can I get a sign of yours for my yard??

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