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There’s nothing that’s wrong with Illinois that can’t be fixed by some conservative common sense. I’ll fight for the working people, not the political elites.

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Meet Darren

A farmer, family man, and fellow citizen from rural Illinois, Darren Bailey’s conservative roots run deep.

Darren’s Plan for Illinois

  • Lowering Income and Property Taxes
  • Reopening Illinois’ Economy and Creating Jobs
  • Protecting the Second Amendment
  • Fighting for the Unborn
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5 hours ago
Darren Bailey for Governor

The weather was perfect for a republican picnic in the park. Thank you Crawford Co. Republicans for all you do for the county and state. #FlagDay #freedomisntfree #standingwithyou2022 #firepritzker See MoreSee Less

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so no comment or concerns about the explosion in Rockton, IL?? I guess since it's up north you don't care

Good luck sir ! Waiting for change in the south

I read Priztgers trying to change the date of the election.

Who is a contact person for Robinson/Crawford County Republican Committee?

Flag Day Celebration in Charleston today. Thank you to the Elk’s Americanism Committee for a great celebration today or our community, our nation, and the patriots who live among us. See MoreSee Less

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Happy Flag Day!!

Yes he will

Will you be coming thru Crawford county?

Looks white enough.

On this Flag Day, please remember what our flag represents and the sacrifices made by so many to keep it flying high. 🇺🇸 #FlagDay See MoreSee Less

On this Flag Day, please remember what our flag represents and the sacrifices made by so many to keep it flying high. 🇺🇸 #FlagDay

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Thank you so much for being a part of the Charleston Elks Lodge #623 Flag Day ceremony. Your Patriotism statement and closing prayer was so very much appreciated!



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18 hours ago
Darren Bailey for Governor

Senate meets tomorrow and the House meets Wednesday to possibly pass an energy bill that will kill jobs and increase rates for Illinois….. See MoreSee Less

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I tried to call my senators any of them we can't get ahold of none of them cuz they don't answer their phones or they're not in the office or they're claiming that they're closed because of covid

I wish we could vote tomorrow. I am ready for you to be Governor.

Darren, as a senator, please visit Arizona forensic audit. As citizens we demand a forensic audit of our State.

Good luck with that but if the cheating from the last election isn’t fixed you won’t win no matter how many people vote for you

The Illinois Democrats are crazier than any State in the Union! Happy Flag Day everyone 🇺🇸🙏🏻❤️

Good morning!

Need some t-shirts to represent you for gov. Do you have any to sell .alot of people are asking

What's funny is that those wind turbines were putting two years ago up in Streator and up by Chicago and towards Springfield and not a damn one of them were

Unfortunately they don’t listen to us Darren….. they vote how THEY want to vote or how they are PAID to vote. We have no voice as voters except for you!

💥We Can't give up!! That is what they want!! WE WILL STAND!!💥 GOD 👑is with us & HE is for us!!! ☝☝🙏🙏☝☝🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸☝☝🙏🙏☝☝

Good morning and God bless you Senator Bailey. Thank you for helping Illinois , soon to be Governor.♥️🙏🏼🕊🇺🇸

What a mess this state is in – how can people not realize what is going on! Thank you for working so hard to try to restore this state!

How are we or what is the plan to stop talking and get chalking. WE THE PEOPLE have got to take a stand and ACT NOW! There’s been entirely too much talking. Please outline plan of action for Patriots to take to help! Thanks!

Michael Connelly, Darren is not far right He supports our constitution and is a Christian. Trump won. Darren will too

Are they trying to empty this state of its population so they can sell it to China?…….G o d help us!!! It makes NO sense!!!

We need to take Pritzker back to court for extending these orders “illegally”!

When you divorce someone you once loved, it is usually due to In attention . We are ALL guilty of lethargy. We can bail out or we can get involved.

I can’t wait to leave this state. I absolutely hate it.

Good morning!!!!! And help me wish a Happy birthday to to our President Trump ❤️🇺🇸💙💜🤍

JB IS A JOKE. Get him out now. He has not done anything for use in Illinois. He is all for himself and nothing else. This just summing it up.

I hope things get better, Prayers for this state and nation.

It’s insanity to get rid of our gas while we prepare for the future.

They only care about their pockets, not the people and what they can afford.

Keep up Darren we have your back and yes our vote to.

Thank you Darren for your transparency and staying in the fight.

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1 day ago
Darren Bailey for Governor

Cindy and I stopped by to say hello to Brenda and Dennis Vahling, who were hosting friends from Kankakee!
In the past half century, it was discovered that Southern Illinois soils are very suitable for vineyards!
We love the entrepreneurial spirit, and will work tirelessly to see that more of your profit stays in your pocket!
See MoreSee Less

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You entered as we were leaving, I was going to stop and say hi, but didn't want to invade your family time. Try the lemon brandy. 😂

They have some great wine.

They have the best Lemmon wine! It taste like summer. Good place to stop!

Going on Newsmax isn't the sign of a real serious candidate. I don't think there is much of a chance of you even registering on the radar.

They have great grape soda!!!!! 🍇🍇🍇

Great wine 🍷

Only 4 miles from my house!

get a audit going to see how are votes are being counted please

Love that place

People live in Illinois over 50 years stay illegal out plain and simple

More white people.

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