The Issues

Fighting for Southern Illinois

Working families in Southern Illinois need a fighter. Over the last decade we have been ignored by Washington while jobs and families leave. As a family farmer, a devoted father of four, and a proud grandfather of 12, our area holds a special place in my heart, and I am determined to create a better future for our community. Southern Illinois deserves representatives in Washington who will stand up and fight for our local interests and make a tangible impact on our lives. It’s time to put our people ahead of special interests and work toward a brighter tomorrow for our families and future generations.

Defending Our Second Amendment Rights

I will die on my front porch before I give away my Second Amendment rights. The Founding Fathers recognized that God-given right to bear arms is key to our ability to defend our freedom and independence, and I intend to honor them by safeguarding this principle.

I don’t believe in restrictions, particularly the Illinois Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card system, an infringement that was designed to pilfer money. We can’t afford to let our guard down when it comes to these issues. I will continue to be a strong advocate for gun rights and I will never back down.

Protecting the Right To Life

As a man of Christian faith, I know life begins at conception. We must do everything we can to protect the unborn. My firm stance on this issue helped me earn the support of Illinois Family Action, Illinois Federation for Right to Life, and Illinois Citizens for Life in my previous elections.

As the left continues to diminish the sanctity of life, I’m prepared to fight tooth and nail to ensure every baby has an opportunity to live. We can’t continue to expand abortion access, and we certainly can’t allow taxpayer-funded abortions to take place.

Achieving Energy Independence

One of the biggest threats to America’s national security is our lack of energy independence. In addition to putting financial strain on working families, it puts us in a position where we are reliant on our adversaries. We need leaders who will stand up to the leftist virtue signaling that puts America last in the name of climate change.

Illinois, once an energy exporter, now finds itself dependent on others for power while our own families and businesses worry about whether the lights will come on when they flip a switch. I support fracking, drilling, and coal mining as proven methods to help us regain energy independence in Illinois—and across the nation.

Putting America First

Our economy needs a revival that starts and grows right here on our own soil. By supporting domestic production, we can provide jobs for hardworking families in Southern Illinois and across America, stabilizing our economy and protecting it from the ups and downs of instability overseas.

It’s time to strengthen our manufacturing, promote American innovation, and incentivize businesses to keep jobs within our own borders. A robust economy that is rooted in self-reliance will help us avoid the inflation that is hurting families across America.

Demanding Border Security

Securing our southern border is critical, especially given the ongoing chaos and crisis that impacts people on both sides.

Borders serve as essential boundaries, but the left has completely abandoned this fundamental tenet of national security. The repercussions of lawlessness, from drug cartels to human traffickers, extend far beyond America’s border towns.

Fighting crime starts with securing our border and giving law enforcement officers the tools to do their job effectively. I will pursue every legislative opportunity to restore order and safety at our southern border.