Stand up to radicals who want to pack the Supreme Court. Sign our petition below to save our Constitution.

Sign our petition to stand up to the Left’s court-packing demands.

Court packing is no longer just a radical idea of the far left—it is a concrete action that is being heavily considered by the Biden administration and will impact our Supreme Court forever.

Joe Biden has done a complete 180 from calling the idea of packing the Supreme Court “bone-headed” to now supporting the radical Left’s call to expand the bench. Democrats in Congress even introduced legislation that would add FOUR new justices to the Supreme Court. Yes, acting members of Congress—both House and Senate—are pushing to add four more seats on the Supreme Court bench.

If we receive 25,000 signatures or more, Darren will personally deliver them to Senator Dick Durbin in D.C.

    I am AGAINST court packing!