Bailey: ‘Thanks to Gov. Pritzker doubling the gas, Illinois has the second highest gas taxes in the country’

GOP gubernatorial candidate State Sen. Darren Bailey (R-Xenia) is decrying the state’s high gas taxes.

Bailey underscored how “inflation is hurting working families.”

“Gas prices are going down across the country, but state and local taxes are keeping gas prices at historic highs in Illinois,” Bailey said in a statement. “Chicago prices are particularly high as gas prices are as high [as] $5.99 per gallon in the city, which is about $1.50 per gallon higher than the national average.”

Bailey has always believed that tax hikes are an added burden for Illinoisans. 

“[T]axes in Illinois are only serving to make the impact of inflation even worse,” Bailey said. “Thanks to Gov. Pritzker doubling the gas, Illinois has the second highest gas taxes in the country. What we are seeing at the pump is the Pritzker Price Hike.”

While the Republican nominee is active on his campaign trail, Bailey has never stopped finding solutions to address these issues and has been vocal about what needs to be done.

“I have called for a special session to deal with the impact of inflation on Illinois families,” he said. “These calls continue to be ignored. Instead, the governor remains focused on his far-Left agenda while families continue to struggle to make ends meet. As governor, my priority will be on resolving the real-world problems voters face every day. Illinois is not a laboratory to experiment with radical policies. The decisions our leaders make have consequences and people are hurting thanks to the indifference and incompetence of Gov. Pritzker. We deserve better.”

Bailey noted on his campaign website, “he believes in fiscal responsibility and knows that every penny matters. Raising taxes hurts hardworking Illinois families and is not a solution for a state with some of the highest tax burdens in the entire nation. In the state legislature, Darren has fought against tax hikes and reckless spending and advocated for more business-friendly policies.”

In some parts of Chicago gas prices are nearing $6 per gallon. At the Marathon located 335 N Ogden Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60607 gas was priced on July 19 at $5.99, Autoblog reported.

The gas tax was hiked by Pritzker. At about 78 cents per gallon, Illinoisans pay the second-highest gas taxes in the country, according to Illinois Policy.