Meet Stephanie

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Trussell is no stranger to overcoming adversity.  In fact, she did it before she was even born.  Her mother chose LIFE and Stephanie has been blazing trails ever since.

Stephanie was born in Chicago and raised on the west side.  At just 14 years old, Stephanie got her first job.  By 15, she was working at the McDonalds in Maywood, and by 18 she had already earned the role of manager.  Stephanie paid her own school tuition that year and learned early the value of hard work and earning an honest living.  A natural born leader, Stephanie’s career has spanned several management roles with Goodwill Industries, the Renaissance Hotel Chicago, and eventually the Mayor’s Office of Tourism in Chicago.

Though Stephanie’s mother was barely 17 when she was born, she always made sure that Stephanie could be involved in dance lessons, Girl Scouts, church choir, and youth group.  Now a proud mother herself, Stephanie made the same sacrifices for her own five children, juggling band practices, sports teams, Brownies, and Cub Scouts.  In In 1994, Stephanie and her family moved to DuPage County.

Growing up, Stephanie’s demographic told her she should be a Democrat, but she didn’t fit that mold.  She saw through a party that promised prosperity, but left people behind.

In 2012, Stephanie won a talk radio contest for listeners of WLS-AM 890, the largest talk radio station in Chicago, that would change her career.  She beat over 100 other listeners and received a chance to host her own 2-hour radio show for a day.  That one show turned into a seven-year career as one of Chicago’s most well-known conservative radio hosts.  Chicago listeners could tune into The Stephanie Trussell Show to hear from local and national politicians and other well-known guests.  Stephanie was known for promoting transparency on her show and was determined to shed light on the failed policies of the Democratic Party.

Stephanie is now proud to join Darren Bailey and the movement to restore Illinois.  Together, they are fighting to lower taxes, make streets safer, grow the economy to attract business, educate a new generation, and make Illinois livable again.Stephanie is active in her church, a volunteer in her community, and believes that political representation is best provided by average Americans who are willing to serve, and not the well-groomed political elite.